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Reasons to have a pesticide analysis of fruit conducted

Performing a pesticide analysis of fruit, vegetables or other consumer goods is very important for many different sectors. For processing companies, for example, it is very important that goods comply with the legislation. The products suppliers offer are tested before any kind of processing. The reason for this strict regulation is, of course, the health of the consumers. As a supplier or seller of goods, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is safe. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of pesticide analyses.

Which lab can you turn to?

Choosing a suitable lab for pesticide analysis is always difficult. Therefore, we give you a good tip in this article. We always recommend Primoris and there are several reasons for that. They have the necessary certifications to give strength to their results. It is very important that you can prove the reliability of your results. Furthermore, you may also assume that the results are effectively reliable. In the lab, they have modern equipment with which the pesticide analysis of fruit or vegetables can be carried out very precisely.

Discover the lab’s mission

The enhancement of food safety, product quality and sustainability is Primoris’ main mission. It is not only about food for people. People from the animal feed industry can also come to the lab. In that industry, too, pesticide levels are tightly regulated. To be sure that you are legally in order, it is best to have a pesticide analysis of fruit, vegetables or animal feed carried out by the specialists. The most important thing is that you clearly communicate what you expect from the lab and how exactly the food will be used. As hinted before, there are different legislations per sector and type of food. So the lab likes to hear what they have to take into account.