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Madden NFL 21: December Title Update – Part 2

The first December update for Madden NFL 21 has been available for a few days now. We have already covered the gameplay issues that the patch has addressed as well as specific stability and usability issues in the game. In the second part of our December title update for Madden NFL 21, we will cover the new content that the patch has added to the game

The 2020/2021 NFL season has started and players have been performing in various ways. Some have been having amazingly good results while others have disappointed their fans. As the season progresses, Electronic arts will alter the game to make it mirror real-life performances of the NFL players. The objective is to make an authentic game that the fans will enjoy playing. The developers have added new Superstar abilities, new X-factor and Superstar players, while other Madden 21 players have been downgraded.

Let us start with the new abilities, there are four in number and affect various types of player. Film study will give defenders, five times per quarter, a full vision of plays the offence has run via the coach cam. The backlash will allow ball carries to increase fatigue penalties against the players who tackle them if the latter use non-conservative tackle. Recuperation will allow for a faster fatigue recovery rate between plays. Lastly, Honorary lineman will let non-offensive linemen win impact blocks when they block defensive backs in the open field.

The new X-Factor players are Alvin Kamara of the Saints with Satellite X-Factor and Jukebox. We also have Lavonte David of the Buccaneers and DeForest Buckner of the colts with Unstoppable Force X-Factor and Inside Stuff. The new Superstar players are DK Metcalf, Seahawks; Terry McLaurin, Washington Football Team; Aaron Jones, Packers Calvin Ridley; Falcons Darren Waller; RaidersJamison Crowder, Jets; Brian Burns, Panthers; Myles Jack, Jaguars; Jessie Bates III, Bengals; Ali Marpet, BuccaneersJonathan Allen, Washington Football Team; Josh Allen, Bills.

Other players have been downgraded due to bad performances. From X-Factors to Superstars, we have Drew Brees, Saints and Calais Campbell, Ravens. The players who lost their superstar status are Demarcus Lawrence, Cowboys; Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers; Zach Ertz, Eagles; TY Hilton, Colts; Justin Simmons, Broncos; Matt Ryan, Falcons; Julian Edelman, Patriotsk; Carson Wentz, Eagles; Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Football Team; Courtland Sutton, Broncos.

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(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)