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Hardware Buyback: Earn Money With Your Old IT Equipment

Companies’ stores are full of old IT hardware equipment that is no longer in active use. Despite being old or outdated, this equipment may be converted into better use through simple refabrication or repairs. Such equipment includes printers, laptops, hard disks, monitors, tablets and servers. Most companies hold on to their old equipment rather than disposing them because they sometimes contain vital information that may land into the hands of hackers. Additionally, others hope to get a means of disposal that generates some residual income. This concept of disposing old hardware equipment to earn money forms the basis of hardware buyback services.

What is Hardware Buyback

Hardware buyback is an emerging concept involving the purchase of old hardware equipment that is still in good condition at a quantifiable amount. It is probably the most cost-effective, profitable and safest way of disposing redundant or outdated office equipment.

Advantages of Hardware Buyback

Hardware buyback has several advantages, which include:

Creates more space: Old IT hardware equipment occupies a lot of valuable space in terms of storage. Selling this equipment helps create extra space within the company that can be put into other profitable uses.

Guarantees safe data erasure: As earlier mentioned, most old IT hardware equipment contains vital information that can negatively affect a company if it lands in hackers’ hands. Most hardware buyback companies use safe and effective ways of erasing data present in the equipment. Therefore, companies rest assured that there will be no incidences of data leakage from their old equipment.

Generates good residual value: Companies’ primary goal is to maximize returns and through this concept, they get some residual value from their old equipment. They can then use the amount generated to purchase new equipment or cater to other company needs.

Environmentally friendly: Additionally, hardware buyback services help put the old equipment into better use through recycling and refabricating. This eliminates the chances of disposing the equipment through methods that may pollute the environment, such as burning.

With the above advantages in mind, you are probably wondering which of your company’s equipment can qualify for a buyback. Here is a guiding list.

IT Hardware Equipment Eligible for Buyback

The hardware buyback business seems like a lucrative investment attracting a good number of investors. Each company deals with specific models or a range of products. However, here is a list of the most common IT hardware equipment eligible for a buyback:

  • Barcode scanners
  • Hard disks and other storage devices
  • Laser printers
  • Computers, monitors and laptops
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Electronic payment devices

Before reaching out to hardware buyback service providers, always remember that not all old equipment can be sold. They sort and analyse your equipment and only choose what is in good condition and meets their model needs.

So what will you do with the equipment that does not qualify for a buyback? Look out for some innovative IT solutions here.

Innovative IT Solutions

Some of the innovative IT solutions you can use to deal with old equipment that does not qualify for a buyback include:

  • Repurpose it by squeezing potential functionality out of it.
  • Use the equipment to organise an upcycled computer art day.
  • Donate it to the employees or a charity home.
  • Give it to a local school or non-profit organisation.


In the event of a merger or acquisition, technological switch or old equipment disposal, hardware buyback is the best option to use. In addition to generating some residual value for your company, it guarantees safe data erasure and protects the environment.