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Full body female mannequins, hangers and other accessories for your shop

If you own a clothing shop, it is important to attract as many customers as possible. Therefore, you will need to showcase your clothing collection in the best way possible. Bonami is happy to help you do this. They offer a wide range of window mannequins that provide many benefits for your clothing store. They are available in various colours and in multiple finishes. They offer female, male and children mannequins and they have busts and full body mannequins available. Thanks to the mannequins of this expert, you will generate more customers within no time!

Window mannequins that look great and are sustainable

The window mannequins of this expert help you maximize the potential of your shop. The mannequins of Bonami are made of Bonplast, which is an unbreakable material. They bring sustainability, a unique design and a tailored fit together. After multiple years of research, they have created the perfect mannequin that will not get damaged and lasts for years and years to come. The mannequins are lightweight, which makes it easy to move and to dress them. Because the material of the mannequins are 100% recyclable, they are very eco-friendly. The mannequins are created with a joint magnetic system. Whether you are looking for female, male or children mannequins; this expert offers the best full body mannequins, busts and other accessories.

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Are you looking for window mannequins that are sustainable and generate more customers to your shop? Bonami offers the mannequins and other accessories for your clothing store you need. No matter you sell clothing for women, men or children; you will find suitable mannequins thanks to this specialist. They offer full body female mannequins in various shapes, such as maternity mannequins and plus size mannequins. Discover the top-quality mannequins this expert offers!