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FIFA 21: This Is Anfield

Electronic Art Sports, the North American company, have been supporting the content that we will see in the new generation. The classic among the classics is its introduction scene, just the first thing we will see when we start the game. EA Sports points to nostalgia for the environment we knew before the pandemic. This is Anfield.

The introduction scene revives the moments before a UEFA Champions League match. It does so through the narration of one of the young women who accompany the soccer players when they jump onto the pitch. The images focus on the dream come true of having gone hand in hand with his idols on a magical night.

The atmosphere in the stands reminds us of what football was like before the happy coronavirus entered our lives. The locker room tunnel showcases the graphic muscle offers on the brand new hardware. Modelling, lighting, animations … the engine takes a palpable leap compared to what was seen on PS4 and Xbox One.

In the improved version, one of the great novelties is in physics and lighting. Players have increased their movements, as well as the transition between them. Both hair and muscles have been recreated more faithfully, and players now reflect the light from the spotlights in a more realistic way.

As we said, the new generation is now available. If you have your copy of PS4 or Xbox One, you can jump to the next platform of the same family at no additional cost. Of course, if you want to buy some FIFA coins for your team, that’s worth the money. You will be eligible for the upgrade until the release of FIFA 22, so you need to hurry. As if that were not enough, the progress of the VOLTA and FUT mode will be saved in your profile to follow from where you left off.


(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)