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Everything about budget hotels

A Hotel is a setup building where people pay for services like a room to sleep in and meals. Hotels can be categorized into a different category based on the services rendered, facilities available, and amenities which are provided.


The Budget hotel is the lowest when it comes to categorizing hotels. They render their services at very cheap cost due to the fact that they are not fancy.

As the name suggests, they are an ideal hotel for people with a small budget and looking to spend as little as possible.


The luxury hotels are the top-notch hotels when it comes to hotel ranking. It is ideal for people who wish to have a stress free stay in a hotel and also have the money to spend. The luxury hotels are fancy and filled with workers who are trained to cater to every needs of their guest and ensure that they have a relaxing atmosphere.


Budget hotels don’t offer luxury items like the luxury hotel; they make sure that the basic facilities for fulfilling some basic requirement during your stay are available. During your stay in a budget hotel, you get services such as a bed, room service every day, washing facility, television, pick and drop facility, telephone, air conditioning, doctor on speed dial, internet connection etc. at times free breakfast and newspaper. Some budget hotels also go the extra miles of having a minibar and a multi-cuisine room.

Budget hotel rooms:

Unlike the extravagant rooms of the luxury hotels which consist of unique key guard, box spring mattress, king size bed, private bathroom with shower and toilets, flat screen TV etc., budget hotel rooms are just simple with no fancy settings they consist of the bed, a table and a chair, a telephone, a television a bedside lamp and other basic room facilities with a walking space.

Budget hotels with bath

Unlike the luxury hotels, most budget hotel don’t have bathtub. The bath of a budget hotel is partially private, as some might have half doors while some have transparent doors. Lodging in some budget hotels with a person who is not a family or spouse is sometimes not encouraging when it comes to bath.

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