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Efficient and safe transport with a double deck trailer

Transporting goods across Europe by trailer can be a painstaking task. You would like to put as much goods in a single trailer without compromising the quality and safety. To solve this particular difficulty, Blankers Transport provides you with the ultimate solution. Here, you can use a double deck trailer, meaning that you have two different floors inside of the trailer. This provides the opportunity to stack products safely, keeping them stable during the transport. Loading and unloading can be done far more efficiently thanks to the sufficient room for a forklift to work alongside it.

Optimize your transport of goods

By implementing two floors into a trailer, you can be certain that you will need less trailers to transport your goods. At Blankers Transport, they are happy to help you achieve this more practical way of transporting. They would like to know what type of product you will be transporting and how it is packed. Using this information, they can make calculations to see how you can place your pallets or other packaging types in the trailer in the best possible way. To enable the stacking of goods inside the trailer, there is a hydraulic lift mechanism. This user-friendly mechanism allows anyone to load and unload the trailer quickly and safely.

Reduce your costs

The most interesting benefit that can be achieved by using a double deck trailer is the significant reduction in costs. All the various trailers that you previously used for transport are of the table now. This double deck trailer can save up a lot of money and turn out to be a great investment in a more efficient part of your workflow. So if you have any questions about a double deck trailer or are interested in transporting far more efficiently, you should definitely contact the employees of Blankers Transport. They will be glad to help you achieve a safe and cost-reducing way of organizing your logistics.