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Commercial Interior Design Glasgow

Workplaces are changing constantly, especially in Glasgow. The biggest City in Scotland is undergoing a period of growth. The economy is growing and the number of people employed is increasing. However, a certain degree of competition is developing in the big bad world of recruiting. Retaining or even hiring staff is very hard due to the increased amount of opportunities available to people. This means that to attract top staff and retain them a certain degree of attraction is required. This is something that Commercial Interior Design Glasgow is very aware of. They are a dedicated team of workplace professionals with the view of helping Business Owners create spaces that provide a ‘wow’ factor to future employees.

‘A space that pays attention to the latest design trends and has top ergonomic qualities is a space where you will find the best employees’ was what Sam James, Workplace Consultant at Commercial Interior Design Glasgow commented. He went on; ‘This is over-against the all too popular workspace that was the norm in the early part of this Century’.

Sad but true, what Sam said bears a lot of meaning. I personally have walked through the buildings of huge international or even Continental companies and have been shocked at the disregard for the latest trends. Sticking to old methods of having a desk per person, the carnage of having under-equipped meeting rooms and of course the cheap and nasty furniture that seems to have plagued Scotland in the last couple of decades.

Commercial Interior Design Glasgow is conscious that firms have budgets and cant always afford an A-Class interior design, build and furniture service but they are also aware that space doesn’t have to be filled with cheap and low-quality rubbish. With a firms investment, Commercial Interior Design Glasgow, can create a time-less, ergonomically orientated and on-trend workspace.

Paying close attention to biophilic design, relevant colour palettes, acoustics, layout and furniture the team at Commercial Interior Design Glasgow have created some incredible spaces for companies all over the UK. These people have also become pioneers with other concepts like Activity based working and agile working environments. Speak to their consultants and find out about their product for occupancy measurement and space booking. These guys have helped multi-national firms through the whole process from consultancy to design and then to build and refurbish. Its an exciting journey for a firm to take. Check out their website Commercial Interior Design Glasgow.