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Buy SpeakON cables for a low price

Buy the best SpeakON cables at this store near Brussels. These famous audio cables are perfect for all your music projects and you can buy them for a low price. At LivePower they are known for their quality content and these special cables are no different. They will work for many years and will not break easily. These experts in music and audio cables are always looking for new products to enrich their store with, which is exactly why they offer so many different options. Which SpeakON cable will you choose? Discover them quickly in their online store!

What exactly is a SpeakON cable?

The SpeakON cables that you can buy at LivePower are not just another type of audio cables. They are commonly used between speakers and amplifiers. When you work with professional audio equipment, these will definitely come in handy. They are such high-quality that even after many years of usage, they will retain their amazing quality. If you have a good ear for music, you will surely hear the difference when using the SpeakON cables instead of the other audio cables that you can buy at this store. A lot of people will doubt between the SpeakON cables and the XLR connectors. Even though the latter are of amazing quality as well, they are used for line-level signals. In case you have bigger speakers that need more amps, the XLR connectors won’t be strong enough. The SpeakON cables are your best bet.

Discover all of their cables

Is a connecting cable not what you are looking for? Maybe you need video or hybrid cables? Whatever you may search, these specialists in cables will definitely be able to help you. If you still have questions about the usage of their different products, you can contact them daily. You will find the right cables or other products in no time.