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A3 die cutting machine designed by experts

A creasing and punching machine is often a pricey purchase, but then you have something. At least, that’s what you hope. At Gyromag, you are assured of good quality machines. This company is a renowned name in the field of creasing and punching. This way, you will be assured of a machine that meets your business needs and standards. A true expert in this field will even be able to put together a machine that is completely tailored to your business operations. Gyromag specializes in all kinds of machines that can all be applied in the printing and paper processing industry. Would you like to buy an A3 die cutting machine, for example? Or do you prefer a sheet fed die cutter? It is all possible with this expert!

Your business operations

The range of machines made by Gyromag is gigantic. You will find DFC machines, which stands for Digital Flexible Cut, but also OFC types. This stands for Offset Flexible Cut. The latter is specifically designed for the offset printer. Of course, it is a tricky question which machine is the best for your business. It obviously depends on several factors. First of all, what industry do you work in? If you like to process textiles, then a sheet fed die cutter is a good device. Do you work in the paper industry? Then you probably want an A3 die cutting machine. You can always count on Gyromag’s expertise for advice. The specialists even offer the possibility of delivering customized machines for your company. This way, you can be sure of a suitable machine for your business operations.

Inform about the possibilities

Would you like to know more about the machines that Gyromag offers to get the most out of your business operations? Would you like to know, for example, how the sheet fed cutter works? Or what the production capacity of the A3 die cutting machine is? Then the specialists will gladly help you with all your questions. The professionals will be happy to inform you about everything there is to know and help you choose the right machine for your operations.