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Make a sustainable choice by ordering sunglasses in this web shop

Sustainability is so much more than simply reducing use of energy and eating biological foods. Sustainability encompasses all the conscious and unconscious decisions you make to take care of our planet. Some decisions may be radical, like embracing a vegan lifestyle. Some decisions are smaller, but nonetheless important! Have you thought about sustainability when you shop fashion accessories like cute bracelets and ravishing shades? If not, BEINGBAR is here to help you stay fashionable while being sustainable – all at the same time!

Sustainable and affordable eyewear for every style

Sunglasses are one of the fashion accessories that change every season. Aviator models, butterfly shades, and polarized glasses – every season brings you something new! The downside of this is that sunglasses are a disposable fashion accessory. BEINGBAR makes sure you look stylish at every moment while taking care of the planet. All sunglasses in their collection are made from sustainable materials like fast-growing bamboo and even recycled plastics. The latter can be found in their SeeBottle collection that has three distinctive ranges: Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Arctic. All sunglasses from these ranges are stylish, sustainable, and affordable! What else would you want when buying eyewear online?

Become a true BEINGBAR member!

Do you know what may be one of the nicest features on the web shop of BEINGBAR? You have the opportunity to become a BEINGBAR member. You receive notifications on new articles, occasional exclusive deals, and even in-depth information on the production process. If there’s a discount, you’ll be the first to know! In this way, your sunglasses are sustainable and affordable. If you don’t know where to start in the eyewear web shop, make sure to take an informative and interactive tour. This tour will take you through the various categories and give some more information on their products.